The Extra 3%… A post for For Sale By Owners

Lately, I’ve run across a LOT of homeowners trying to sell their homes on their own. I really do commend you. Navigating the real estate market from showings to contracts to lenders and closings can be gut-wrenching if you don’t know the market or the way to go about things. Many think you just show your house and then sell it. And that’s KIND OF right. But before you can sell it, you have to draw contracts, check with lenders, show the house a million times, call the lender back, draw up more contracts, call the closing attorney, desperately try to get both lender and attorney to call back, have attorney check contracts, pass out in exhaustion, etc…

OK so the whole “pass out in exhaustion” thing might be a LITTLE dramatic, but it’s actually not.

PLUS you have to figure out a price for the home. Which means you have to somehow figure out what the market will support without access to market analyses or market information in general.


Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing homes sell EVEN IF I DON’T SELL IT. It’s part of my whole “love seeing people reach their goals” thing. I get a little ridiculously excited for people. Seeing people happy makes me happy. (On the other hand, I’m also a sympathetic cryer, so please don’t cry around me or we will BOTH need tissues.)

Typically, FSBOs offer the buyer’s agent 3% in commission. It’s an awesome idea, if you think about it. Avoid the listing agent’s cost and still have buyer’s agents bring in buyers.

But have you thought about marketing your home and how much time and money it could take? Sure, you can list on Zillow and Trulia, but they are highly unreliable and well-known for not being a good source of information. You can use Craigslist, but it is quickly becoming obsolete. So what’s left? Facebook? Only your friends will see the home.

So what does a Realtor have that you don’t? For starters, the MLS (multiple listing service). THis is where agent are looking for homes to show their buyers. Also, National brand websites. Check out my company’s website; My listings pop up on that website NATIONWIDE. Brand recognition is also a big factor, as well as seasoned agents (HELLO, THERE. I’m CATE!) who have repeat clients and referrals, as well as others in their large network they can bring to show your home. Text campaigns, video websites, etc. I could go on and on.

Navigating the real estate market can be so darn hard. And there are many people who successfully do it. It’s not impossible.

But when you need to get the job done, and you choose the right Realtor, we are certainly worth the extra 3%.

Puppy Client

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Hiring a Realtor….Why Should You?

Photo Credit: LighterSideOfRealEstate

Photo Credit: LighterSideOfRealEstate

I’ve been running into a great deal of For Sale By Owner homes lately. In this area, they are EVERYWHERE and the market here is doing well, so it seems like a great idea to save yourself some money on Realtor fees, right? It seems easy enough to put up a sign and wait for people to come to you. Maybe you list it on Zillow or FSBO websites that claim they use a great MLS (multiple listing service). And still, nothing has quite panned out. So, what’s the deal? Let me share with you WHY hiring a professional is worth your time.


You’ve listed on a FSBO site/MLS. That’s great. The thing is it’s not the same MLS most realtors/people are looking at when searching for homes. We, as Realtors, pay a good bit of money to be members of THE MLS that is most useful and beneficial to our clients. It shows us almost every home currently on the market. The problem with you having listed your home on a different MLS is that we can’t show your home if we can’t see it. Most Realtors aren’t looking in all the different MLS sites that show FSBO listings because there are so many of them.

When we list your home on the market MLS, every Realtor with a client looking for the criteria your home fulfills will see your home. They will show your home. They will sell your home. If you want maximum exposure, it is worth hiring a Realtor, I promise!


When you allow us to market your home for you, the easy part for you is WE DO THE WORK FOR YOU. And we love it because we are helping you. We do this EVERY DAY. Believe me when I say it can get stressful dealing with lenders, brokers, attorneys, closing agents, title companies, insurance companies, etc. Yep. ALL those people are involved in it. And YOU will be the one dealing with ALL of them if you go it alone. It can get crazy real quick. Lucky you, that is exactly what I am trained to do as a Realtor: Reign in the crazy and sell your home so you don’t have to mess with it. Not to mention the fact that what you bought your home for however many years ago is NOT an accurate representation of what you should ask for it now. The real estate market is CONSTANTLY changing. Have your realtor come out and do a FREE market analysis on your home to determine what is the maximum amount the current market will support for your home. Don’t make this hard on yourself. This is what we live for. WE LOVE OUR JOB. Use our love for Real Estate to YOUR advantage.


Did you just have a new baby and need a bigger place? Empty-nesting and downsizing? Moving closer to family? Moving for a new job? Did you know that listing your home with a Realtor can get your home sold TWICE as fast as FSBO?  That means that we can help you get to where you’re going faster. And here’s a secret: Because we know the local market and can do a FREE market analysis on your home, we can often net you MORE money when you list it. Let us help you achieve your goals faster!

Until next time,