It’s OK to NOT do it all!

In the midst of my real estate journey, I have to admit something. I can’t do it all. I’m a mama to two sweet baby girls, ages 15 months and 46 months. Okay, so AG is almost four. But I’m struggling with that, so for today only, she is 46 months. I’m a wife to my Superman. I have two dogs who drive me crazy most of the time, but who love my babies like no other. And I have a growing career in Real Estate. My other job titles include housekeeper, booboo kisser, prayer, cook, and the list goes on and on. Just like it does for every other mama.

So, in the midst of mommy-ing, wife-ing, career-ing, Jesus-loving, it gets crazy. It gets overwhelming. It gets scary and lonely and thankless and the world is telling us that we have to do it all. That we have to do it all flawlessly without being overwhelmed, without yelling, without getting upset. That we have to lead our household because no one else is going to do it. That we have to be skinny because if not, your husband will leave you for someone who can do it all AND look good naked.

Then, we have the Church telling us to do it all as if we are doing it unto the Lord. Do it all because if you show the slightest bit of weakness, you must not have prayed enough that morning. You must not be built up in the Word. Don’t forget to be healthy and trim, because your body is the temple of God. If you’ll just pray a little more, God will show you how to juggle it all.

And in the midst of all this worrying what everyone else thinks or has to say, we so often forget that God has something to say in it all. We forget that he has told us that if we will seek HIM first, everything else will come. We might not have the laundry all folded today. You may not have swept in two days and there may be a small animal worth of hair on your floor because of it. Your kids may not have had a bath in two days. And you may be a little juicier than you once were. But guess what? God doesn’t care what your house looks like or the size of your thighs. He doesn’t care that you may or may not have shaved your armpits in a week or so. He cares about YOU. He cares what is going on in that pretty little head. He cares what’s going on in a heart that he desperately wants to be peaceful and not overwhelmed with what everyone else says.

The story of Mary and Martha plays in my head repeatedly like an anthem. Martha was so busy preparing the house for Him, the dinner, the LITTLE THINGS. She was giving to him the only way she knew how. She honestly believed she was doing her very best to please him. In reality, she was doing things that would please the WORLD. Had it been anyone but Jesus himself, that person would have likely applauded her for her giving nature, for preparing everything specifically for them. But Jesus only wanted her heart. He wanted her time. He wanted to love her.

Mamas, in all this craziness and ridiculously high standards other place on us that they, themselves, cannot fulfill, know this: Your heart for Christ and your heart for your family are ENOUGH. YOU are enough. Should you try your best at everything you do? Absolutely. Should you try to be healthy? Sure. But if the dishes go unwashed and you eat a Pop Tart, guess what? The house will not come to a screeching halt  due to an unkempt kitchen and you won’t gain 20 lbs from a couple pop tarts. Jesus will still have come to save the girl who can’t do everything (and often has no desire to get everything done).

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7 thoughts on “It’s OK to NOT do it all!

  1. Kathleen says:

    Even though I’m not a mom yet, your post really resonated with me. I tend to focus on how productive (or not productive) I am during the day, rather than how well I am loving God and giving my heart to him. I found your words really encouraging!


  2. Keri @ Little Light on a Hill says:

    “Your heart for Christ and your heart for your family are ENOUGH. YOU are enough” – This is something that I think everyone needs to be reminded of! Love these words!

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  3. Tiffany H. says:

    I couldn’t help myself but laugh a few times reading this. What a deep, inspiring post, but man, you sure know how to add humor to a serious situation. 😉 Thank you for the laughs and also for the reminders today as I was feeling quite a bit of guilt for the pile of laundry on the couch, the kitchen being messy and not having supper started yet. But hey, the baby’s clean (for the third time today), he ate two really good meals, we went on a walk and soaked up some vitamin D, and cleaned up a huge pile of weeds I pulled from the flower beds the other day. And I’m showered! 😉 God is good. Thanks for being an inspiration. ❤ Love from a sister in Christ!


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