As I opened my eyes this morning, the lovely sun shine through the gold curtains creating a dancing, heavenly glow into my room. I looked over to see my super hot husband standing at the foot of the bed holding a smiling baby and my sweet, sweet AG climbing in bed with me. It was the beginning of a perfect day.

My list of things I’ve done today: painting a bathroom, installing a toilet paper holder, putting some decor up in the other bathroom and a three-hour trip to find things to help decorate the house, washing 4 loads of laundry, mopping.

List of things that didn’t get done today: folding all that dang laundry, cleaning the kitchen, dinner, relaxing, not freaking out completely.

As I awakened to a glorious morning, here is what I didn’t foresee: green nail polish being dumped ALL OVER the beige carpet in the bedroom. Not so bad, you say? Well, allow me to explain.


Thus all the painting, redecorating, etc.

And, you see, it was today that my children decided to see just what it would take to cause Mommy to have a panic attack. Turns out it’s two green children, along with their brand new clothes and shoes, along with lovely green confetti-splattered carpet.

 Yup. This is after I cleaned her up a bit.
For those moms who say they never yell because, you know, they have all that self control, I’d like to say a couple things:

1.) You lie. You liar. Show me a mom who has never yelled and I’ll show you a mom who has no idea what a “strong-willed” child is.

2.) Bite me. Your carpet isn’t green, nor are your children and their brand new clothes. You’re not going to have to completely replace the carpet prior to listing your home because even the Windex, hairspray, alcohol, and acetone couldn’t get that crap out.

3.) It’s not a competition or anything, but I bet I prayed a LOT more than you today! Ha!(Mostly for self-control, patience, Grace, SURVIVAL. But it’s no matter. I ring the Good Lord’s phone often out of desperation.)

I’m now on the couch finishing mashed potatoes and chocolate cake watching Pioneer Woman because, well, I think you can understand why.

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