For the Woman Searching for Her Identity

There are so many hats I wear in life. Sometimes, they get mixed up, wrinkled, folded over, and shoved in the back of my mind. When asked to describe myself, the first things I always list are mom, wife, Realtor. In that order. Is that who I am? Am I solely the hiney-wiper, housekeeper, and home-seller or is there more? It seems to me that by examining that one question: WHO AM I? I have learned something inexplicably flawed in myself: I don’t identify myself correctly.

Consume Me

“I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”       Galations 2:20

How should I be identifying myself? As a follower of Christ. A child of the Almighty.

And what does that mean to me, a mom who struggles to find purpose in the mundane, a wife who wants to build her husband up and follow his lead, a working woman trying to balance it all and DO WELL? It mean this: I’m NOT a mom who yells too much, gets frustrated too easily, misses her babies the second they go down for bed, and can’t get enough sweet snuggles. I AM a daughter of the King, who has been equipped supernaturally to withstand all the enemy may throw at me, a Mom who WILL lead her children to Christ by example and show her children what it means to really be in love with the Father. I am NOT a wife who nags, who is too needy, who REALLY doesn’t want to fold the laundry that’s on the bed, and who JUST wants to go to sleep. I’m a woman of GOD who builds her husband up in prayer, who always leaves a little energy for him at the end of the day when he needs me most, who doesn’t worry about the ten minutes it might take to fold that extra load because it will allow more time to snuggle tomorrow. I am NOT a workaholic who doesn’t have time for her children, or a halfway worker who forgets her clients needs and just doesn’t feel like working. I AM a Realtor, who does her best to satisfy her clients, show them the love of Christ, and still not overdo it, because my family is my FIRST ministry.

And here’s the thing, ladies.  The sooner we realize that we are HIS, that we are good enough because HE says we are, that we have become a NEW CREATURE in Christ, the easier it will be to understand this. The world (and so often lately, the Church) tells us we aren’t skinny enough, we shouldn’t ever get upset with our kids, we should always have a house clean enough for guests, we should also work a full-time job, etc. And IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. We can’t do it all. But we can do our best.

And it might not seem right now as if you are all those things: calm, prayerful, righteous, good enough. But HE SAYS you are. His Son was tortured and murdered to make you so. And all we have to do is have faith that he lives in us and through us, then allow him to do so. When we feel overwhelmed and the house is a mess, the kids are naked, and dinner is still in the freezer, we need to remember that that does not define us, nor does it identify us. We are still good enough. We still have self-control (even if we don’t feel like it.) We are ALL HE SAYS WE ARE. If we just have a little faith, a little hope, and a little love for ourselves, we can find, REALLY FIND, our identity in Christ. Once we do that, I know for certain our lives will change for the better.

Please join me in opening your bible this week and allowing God to love on you and tell you that you are His. Leave me a comment if you feel so inclined and let me know what He is saying to you. Let me know what you struggle with. Chances are I struggle with it, too, along with so many other women. Let’s build each other up instead of adding to the unrealistic standards of the world.

Love to all my loves,


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