To The Woman Whose Husband Cheated

There are times in life when we find out what we are really made of. This is one of them. Maybe you two had been happy. Maybe you’d been at odds your whole marriage. Maybe you have children. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you knew HER. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you suspected it or maybe you were blindsided.

One thing is certain: you’ve been betrayed by the one person who was never supposed to hurt you.

And it’s ok to cry. It’s okay to take some time and absolutely go crazy. Don’t try to hold it together. Don’t try to keep up appearances. Ask someone to keep the kids (or wait till they’re in bed) , have a friend or mom over and just lose it. Get it out. Scream. Yell. Throw things (not suggested with sleeping babies). Then, get on your knees and PRAY.

Here’s the thing, ladies: you’re mad. You’re hurt. You’re devastated. You’re feeling unworthy, not good enough, not pretty enough. WHY WOULD HE DO THIS TO YOU? And here it is: It is NOT YOUR FAULT. Your husband has a heart condition. Only he can fix that. But right now, let God love on you.

You now decide where to go. If your marriage is over or if you will try to make it work, tell God what you need. He will ALWAYS provide for you.

Are you mad at God? Fine. Tell him that. It’s okay. He understands and he wants to show you how to heal. Tell him everything you’re thinking and feeling. Talk to him like he is your friend BECAUSE HE IS. Let the one who holds your heart HEAL IT.  He loves you. He wants you. He wants to help you forgive, which will now be the hardest ting you’ll ever have to do. But you can do it.

Forgive him because Christ forgives you. Forgive him because Christ forgives him. Forgive him because it is CRUCIAL to YOUR HEALING.
God can take anything the devil means to destroy and make it into something good. You’ll never be the same again, but neither is a caterpillar after he becomes a butterfly.

Just remember that when you are weak, God is strong. When you can’t go on, He will carry you. He will guide you. And His grace will take over for you and lift you up.

And remember this, too. You’re worthy because the Son of God made you so. No one can take away your worth.

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