Helping Our Children Guard Their Hearts


Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.     -Proverbs 4:23

Some of the choices my husband and I have made in raising our girls have proven to be quite controversial among our friends and family members. We choose not to tell our children Santa is real. We still do Christmas photos with Santa Claus, but instead of telling them a fat, hairy guy is coming down the chimney, we tell them the story of Saint Nicholas, who embodied the love of Christ in service to others. Likewise, we don’t do Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy. It’s a personal choice. We also have decided that Halloween is not for us as a family. We will go to our church’s “Hallelujah Fest” which has blow up bouncers, candy, and games (similar to a trunk or treat), but we do not do things that glorify death and darkness. Call us crazy. You wouldn’t be the first.

It would seem we have slacked off in one area, though. And it could prove to be the most dangerous.

My girls LOVE Disney Junior. Yes, I let my kids watch TV. (I don’t really care what the “experts” have to say.) Sofia the First, Mickey Mouse, Doc McStuffins are some favorites. They teach some good lessons such as kindness, fairness, etc. However, my daughter has recently been talking about one thing NONSTOP. Witchcraft.  How did my three-year-old learn about witchcraft and hexes when I’m so careful about the things we associate with? Turns out, there is an episode of one of these shows where the characters are trying to help a bad witch be a “good little witch.” Here’s the problem I have with that: Witchraft and voodoo are not a joke. They aren’t something I want my kid associating with good. They are very real.

Before you think I’m all kookoo for Cocoa Puffs (which I do love), know this: I don’t go around looking for the bad in life. We are actually pretty fun people. There are just a few certain places I draw VERY thick lines. This is one of them.

The Bible says to guard our hearts, for everything we do flows from it. We have to ask ourselves, what are we doing? Whatever it is is coming directly from our hearts. Likewise, we need to watch carefully what our kiddos are doing for the same reasons. Upon questioning, I realized that AG could not recall the premise of ANY other episode of that show, even though she watches it daily. (Again, I don’t care what the “experts” say. I’m an awesome mama.) That got me thinking. The devil will try anything to get his evil to take root in our hearts. Even using kids shows that seem to be harmless. He doesn’t discriminate. I dare say that kids are his easiest targets. But not MY kids. I will guard my kids’ hearts with EVERYTHING I have.


And it starts with watching what is going into and taking root in their little hearts. We have made the decision to do away with their general TV watching because its not possible for us to screen it all beforehand. It’s a good thing I have almost every VeggieTales movie ever.

How do you help your kids guard their hearts?

Love to my loves,

2 thoughts on “Helping Our Children Guard Their Hearts

  1. Jeana Walz, CAP says:

    I agree that you should try to protect your children and that satan will try anything to get to them. But you need to realize that you can’t protect them from everything forever. All you can do is teach them the right ways and hope and pray that they continue on that path when they have choices to make. They may and they may not, but when they don’t….there is always hope and God’s promises to stand by. Wish you and your family the best.

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  2. Sherry says:

    Wonderful blog post. I also raised my two children just like you. I chose to give them a firm foundation not only in God but also in learning about the things in this world that can really hurt them. I also taught them to be strong minded and able to say no when they are confronted with the things of the world that will take them down a very bad path . We can’t hide our children under a rock we must give them what they need to live in society. When my children were older and could understand what Halloween really was we studied it to find what the real meaning was. Then I showed them through studing the real truth just how bad it actually was and why I chose not to allow them to participate in Halloween when they were younger and they actually understood where I was coming from. They are now grown and are very respected in there chosen fields of work both have 2 masters degrees and they are leaders in everything the set out to do. You are doing just what God wants you to do. Great job!

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