Taking Better Care of My Man


Just like everyone else, when I married Superman, I vowed to love him and stand by his side for better or worse. For five years, it has been mostly for better. We have, of course, had our less-than-stellar times, but for the most part, it’s been pretty easy. Last night, however, I saw my husband at his most vulnerable. I saw his innermost self. His rawness. His pain and his love. 

For the first time, I REALLY saw my husband. 

And it was heartbreaking. 

I’m married to the most amazing man in the world, no doubt. His love for his girls (myself included) is beautiful. I’ve always known he would do anything for us. I’ve always known how much he cares and his undying loyalty. What I didn’t know is how afraid he is to be himself. How he is constantly thinking about what is best for us with absolutely no regard for himself or his feelings or thoughts. How he is constantly putting himself aside for others. He is exhausted. And I never saw it. 

I’ve always said I know him better than he knows himself. And it’s true. More so now than ever. 

I don’t think he realizes how exhausted he is from not taking care of himself. From not having  friends because he constantly gives all of himself to his job and his family. From not having someone on the outside looking in to confide in. 

Yes. I am his best friend and he is mine. But I really think he needs someone else. A man who he can relate to and will help build him up. 

I realized last night that I’ve not been doing my job as his wife, either. This man gives us everything. Everything. He never considers himself. And I’ve been so wrapped up in what I’ve had going on that I left my partner behind. The man I swore to love and protect. The man I promised to take care of when he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) take care of himself. And it stops now. 

Ladies, chances are, he isn’t going to tell you when he is exhausted. He isn’t going to tell you what HE needs because he is busy taking care of what you need. What the kids need. But we have to be able to see past that and into the man we know better than anyone. SEE HIM. And take care of him. PRAY FOR HIM. HE NEEDS IT. AND HE NEEDS YOU. 

Love to my loves, 


3 thoughts on “Taking Better Care of My Man

  1. Sara says:

    I can totally relate. I feel like my husband is the same way. I have to remind myself to ask him if I’m meeting his needs. Congrats on 5 years. You’re super blessed. #bloggingboost

    Liked by 1 person

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