To Our Veterans


Today, I took my four year old to preschool, where she is taught the love of Jesus and the Pledge of Allegiance. If it weren’t for you and your sacrifice, I would have to be afraid for her life.

Today, I will read my Bible and drink my coffee in the privacy of my own home. If you hadn’t fought to free our country, I could have been put to death if I were found.

Today, I kissed my husband goodbye as he left for work. Your husband or wife didn’t get to kiss your lips for over a year.

Today, I will have a hot meal at dinnertime. You ate MRE’s for weeks on end.

Today, I will hold my baby when she cries, but because of your sacrifice, you missed your baby’s birth.

Today, I will take medicine to help me deal with postpartum depression. Yet you still face PTSD everyday because you aren’t receiving the help you so desperately deserve.

Today, I am cold. You spent months in the desert praying it would be less than 110 degrees that day.

Today, I know my husband will walk through the door at 7:45. You weren’t sure you’d ever make it home.

Today, I will be appreciated. You came home and were spat on.

Today, I will talk to my friend. You will talk to a headstone.

My dearest veteran, words cannot express the gratitude I feel toward you for your selflessness and your service. Because of you, I am free. Because of you, my babies know Jesus. And because of you, I will ALWAYS have everything I need. Nothing, NOTHING, in the United States of America would be possible without you. Your sacrifice, your dedication, and your courage has made possible the dreams of millions of people. I cannot say thank you enough.

John 15:3 says, “Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

Love to my loves,

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