My FAVORITE Bible Study Method

bible study

See the Bible in the picture? Yea, the pink one. That’s the actual Bible I have. And I love it. It’s The Everyday Life Bible and it is in the Amplified version, which is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE VERSION of the Bible to read. I like words and wordiness because I’m a nerd. It’s my “Joyce Meyer” Bible because, well, I bought it from her website. You can purchase the latest version of it here.

Onward, Bible Studiers!!!!!!

I first came across this method of Bible study on Pinterest. No, I didn’t come up with it on my own- I’m really not that creative. I was checking out the Women Living Well Pinterest boards (which I’m obsessed with) and a bunch of different colors caught my eye. What can I say? I’m a colorful person. So I clicked on it.

Y’all! This changed everything for me.

I’ve always been a good student. It’s never been hard for me to comprehend things, but in order for that to happen I’ve always had to hand write the material. I know, right? Can you imagine me in college trying to handwrite 3 chapters out of the Anatomy and Physiology textbook? So it’s no wonder that picking up the Bible has always been like reading it in the original Greek or Hebrew- I had no idea what I was reading or how it pertained to me in the least.

Enter the Good Morning Girls.

When you finish reading this, I want you to immediately go to Twenty bucks says you’ll fall in love with them. They do a thing they call “Blogging throught the Bible” and Oh My Gracious. The revelation is SO GOOD. I might have a girl crush on all of them. Can I just be them when I grow up?


What you Need:

A Bible

Color Pencils.

That’s it.

Now, as you read your Bible, you color. That’s it. It’s not technically “Bible Journaling” or whatever the cool kids call it these days. Although it is pretty similar. I can’t “Bible Journal” because it would look like my four year old had been coloring in my Bible. HOWEVER, in this method, each color coordinates with specific topics. So if I want to go back and see what the Bible says on a certain topic, I just flip through and look at the colors. Mine isn’t pretty, but it works.

See? Told ya! Not pretty. 

Here are the colors and corresponding topics according to the Good Morning Girls:

PURPLE- God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Savior, Messiah

PINK- women of the Bible, family, marriage, parenting, friendship, relationships

RED- love, kindness, mercy, compassion, peace, grace

GREEN- faith, obedience, growth, fruit, salvation, fellowship, repentance

YELLOW- worship, prayer, praise, doctrine, angels, miracles, power of God, blessings

BLUE- wisdom, teaching, instruction, commands

ORANGE- prophecy, history, times, places, kings, genealogies, people, numbers, covenants, vows, visions, oaths, future

BROWN/GRAY- Satan, sin, death, hell, evil, idols, false teachers, hypocrisy, temptation

That’s it, guys. I color as I read and it somehow all makes sense to me. It’s just nuts and I am in love.

What’s better? I’m actually LEARNING what the Bible says instead of just READING what the Bible says.

Thanks, Good Morning Girls, if you ever see this. (And HI!!!!!!)

Love to my loves,


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