My 5 Favorite Mommy/Lifestyle Blogs


I never thought I’d be a writer. I’ve always been am avid reader, but the concept of actually putting my thoughts on paper was foreign and seemed like something for creative folks- not how I’d describe myself.

When I became a mom, which in the internet age is the single hardest thing EVER with all the pressure to be perfect, I sought out anything I could find or read to help me make it through the craziness of not living up to society’s standards.

Enter Mommy Bloggers. Now, some parenting bloggers are just hateful. If you don’t do it their way, you’re doing it wrong. Let me introduce you to some who are the exact opposite of that:

Disclaimer: These are in NO PARTICULAR order… I love you all equally.

1.) The Chic Site (Rachel Hollis) at

Rachel, oh, Rachel. Rachel has a heart of gold. She is always helping others and that is something to which I aspire. She is a boy mom, to which I cannot relate because I have only girls, but her momming is encouraging. (yep. I just used “momming” as a verb.) Rachel is adorably dorky, which is kind of my favorite thing. She is hilarious and always builds people up with her posts. I’ve never seen a post in which she was being the slightest bit judgmental or harsh. She is amazing. She includes recipes, crafty stuff, parenting, fitness, basically everything. And on Mondays she posts a video called RachTalk, which is just her talking about things. My husband LOVES RachTalk. It’s kind of our thing.

2.) Scissortail Silk (Becky Thompson) at

Becky Thompson. This girl, y’all. She’s gorgeous. She’s real.  She posts so many wonderful insights into the Word of God and His mercy. It’s ridiculous. She hits my heart every time. She knows parenting isn’t always butterflies and rainbows and she’s real about it all while encouraging moms to hang in there.

She helped me through the hardest time of my life and I never even met or spoke with her. For those of you who have experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage, I beg of you, go visit Becky’s site. Her experience with it and her passion to help others heal from it is something I don’t  believe I could have survived those days without.

3.) Hope Filled Home (Mary Lindsey Blanton)

Let’s sum it up now: When I grow up,  I want to be Mary Lindsey. On her blog, you can walk with her through infertility, raising five kids (including a set of triplets) and the latest loss of their sweet baby Asa, whose story has been used to inspire and encourage. I literally could not have made it through parenting without  her. She is the most pure example I could possibly think of to explain the faith I pray to God I some day have. My aunt went to church with the Blantons and after the loss of our baby introduced me to her blog. Now, they live 45 minutes from me and I’ve considered multiple times going to their church just to tell her how much I have been affected by her faith. And I’m just enough of a stalker to follow through with it. LOL

4.) Hahas For Hoohas (Anna Lind Thomas & Contributors) at

STAHHP IT! This mess is HILARIOUS. Like, pee your pants, crying in public, people giving you weird looks funny. These girls are the ones whose posts I read when I’m in a sour mood and need to laugh. It’s that good. Don’t ask questions. Just go. NOW.

5.) Women Living Well (Multiple Contributors) at

When Cate doesn’t know what to do as far as Bible Study, Homemaking, Parenting, or pretty much anything else, Cate consults Women Living Well. (How weird that I just used third person. Odd.) They’re my go-to girls. See my post on my favorite Bible study method, which I found on their website. There is a direct link in that post! They’re encouraging , uplifting, and just pretty darn awesome!

There you have it! My five faves. What are your go-to sites?

Love to my loves,


11 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Mommy/Lifestyle Blogs

  1. Jenn says:

    Love this post! It’s always great to get new blog recommendations. I wholeheartedly agree with the use of “mom” as a verb 🙂 The community of mom bloggers is such a great one! There is lots of inspiration and relateability (is that a word?) among all of us. It always inspires me when moms share about difficult things like infertility and miscarriage. It’s a topic I have yet to approach on my blog, but it means so much that someone would be so real.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cate Purvis says:

      Jenn, miscarriage is a topic very close to my heart. Check out my post “On Miscarriage- my beautiful Annabel Lee.” For my first (and only so far) post on it.


  2. sherryboswell says:

    Thanks for your selections! They were all new to me. Here are mine: Momastery, Hands Free Mama, My Crazy Good Life, A Holy Experience, and Good Enough Mother. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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