When Mama is Needed in the Middle of the Night

Today, Superman and I spent ALL DAY packing and loading a moving truck. Tomorrow, we begin a new adventure. Or an old adventure again, however you want to look at it. We are moving back to Mississippi. 

For twelve hours today, the two of us packed, moved out, and cleaned a house while my grandmother kept our girls. Since everything we own is in a truck, we decided to stay the night at my grandma’s house. So, we brought our air mattress and descended upon the formal living area, all four of us. 

We made up a couch for the girls and figured they’d be fine since we were in there with them and they sleep together. Ah, yes. We will get a good night’s rest tonight, close on the house tomorrow, and drive our happy selves to good ole Mississippi. 

We were naive enough to think it would just be that easy. 

We knew better. 

Here’s how the night has actually gone: 

We laid everyone down about 8:45pm. They were sleepy. They talked a bit, they walked a bit. Then the crying commenced. And it didn’t stop. For over two hours Abbie Faith cried and rolled and moved and cried and yelled. Awesome. I put her in bed with her dad and sister (now sleeping on the air mattress) and left the room to sleep in the other living room because Abigail refuses to sleep if I’m around. She’s been like this forever. When Mommy is in the room, forget sleep. So for an hour, I dozed in another room while she napped with Dad and Sister. 

Then, Addie Grace Coughed at precisely 12:04am. And Abbie woke. And then she screamed. And cried and yelled. And then she threw up. Awesome. It was clearly because she was so upset, right?

Cleaned up the kid. Tried to rock her back to sleep, but, alas, no sleep was to be had. So I put her in the truck and drove her around town (FYI: we are about 20 mins from town). When I was about 15 mins from home, Abs pukes again. A lot. In the truck. Wonderful. 

IT IS NOW 2:46AM and I’m awake in my Pawpaw’s recliner with a sleeping baby, afraid to move or breathe. 


God gives us grace to handle situations like this when we are sleep-deprived and exhausted from a long day’s work. Tonight, he has replaced my irritation at not sleeping with gratefulness for the snuggles I miss out on when she sleeps in her own room with her sister. He’s replaced my frustration with peace. 

It may be a ridiculous time of night, but there is an incredible man snuggling with my big girl in the other room and a sweet, sleepy baby in my lap. I am blessed. 

And starting tomorrow, we get to chase our dreams and His will as a family

One thought on “When Mama is Needed in the Middle of the Night

  1. Godsfruitful says:

    Amen girl!!! Good to see a post from you again😊
    Check out my blog from a days ago title A procrastinator, A Rip and a thankful heart…it’s about God’s Grace being sufficient😬
    Be safe traveling and enjoy the drive🤔☺️😊🎈

    Liked by 1 person

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