My Thoughts On Unmonitored Transgender Bathroom Access

You’re right. I have NO idea what it’s like to struggle with my gender identity. I basically just looked down and assumed that it was what it was. I’ve never felt like man. I’ve never met a man who felt like a woman. At least not that I know of. 

I know that must be a horrible feeling, a terrible internal struggle filled with confusion and utter fear. And I’m sorry. And I want them the know they have a beautiful identity in Jesus- a divine calling. I want them to  know that their struggle is a lie told by the ultimate deceiver. I want them to know they’re loved unconditionally. I want them to feel ACCEPTED. But I cannot be okay with legislation that is attempting to allow ‘transgender’ people to access any restroom based on “gender identity.” 

The reason is simple: my daughters’ safety is more important than someone’s feelings. 

By no means do I believe that transgendered people have intentions of HURTING people. I honestly believe they are just people who are hurting. But I also believe that someone who wants to hurt people will stop at nothing to do just that. If a bad woman, claiming to be transgendered, could go into a men’s bathroom and possibly hurt your son, who were in there alone, she would. Because the law gives her that right and takes away your son’s right. In the same, any man could claim to “identify as a woman” and have unrestricted access to my little girls in the restroom.

If my daughter hits someone because she FELT angry, she gets in trouble because I value the other child’s safety. No matter how my child FEELS, while her feelings may be valid (or they may not), it is NEVER okay to compromise someone’s safety because she feels something. Ever. 

As adults, we should be able to see this. 

I have an immense love for people who are confused about their identities, their preferences, etc. I feel for them. I can’t imagine the hatred, the disrespect, the outright ugliness that they endure on top of the inner turmoil they experience. And I want more than anything for them to know that Jesus is the only person or thing that can give them the understanding and acceptance they so desperately crave and need (just like we all do!). 

I just can’t exchange my childrens’ safety at the hands of ugly people for the feelings of anyone. 

Love to my loves, Cate

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18 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Unmonitored Transgender Bathroom Access

  1. helloleahgrey says:

    I agree with you 100%. I’m in Canada and we’re talking about making a separate bathroom for the transgender community (We might even have some already, I’m not sure- we’re usually pretty progressive like that lol). But I personally don’t agree with it. It’s just one more secularization of society. We’re getting really far from God.


  2. Carrie-Anne says:

    Ever since I ht peak trans (that moment when a previous supporter realizes something’s rotten in Denmark and backs away), I’ve been getting more and more upset over this issue, and related issues. Thanks to the wonderful gender-critical and anti-transactivist blogosphere, I’ve been discovering more and more things which have blown me away, particularly the social contagion involved in many young people with zero previous issues declaring themselves trans out of the blue. I want to feel safe in a locker room, bathroom, changing room, or otherwise female-only space, and don’t want to worry about seeing a naked man there.

    These people have also gained access to historically women’s-only schools like Smith, Barnard, and Mills, as well as homeless shelter’s, battered women’s shelters, women’s prisons, and rape crisis centers, which makes me just as angry. Apparently no one cares about the feelings of women, particularly those who might have religious concerns about modesty or traumatic experiences with men. Who’s to say a woman’s former abuser might not sneak into a battered women’s shelter and hurt her all over again? does a really good job at specifically tracking the all-too-common stories about men assaulting women under the guise of being women themselves.


  3. Katarina AP Thompson says:

    1. if you do not agree with Targets new policy or any other stores transgender policy(and this goes for anyone),there is a simple solution for you…DONT SHOP AT TARGET or the store you disagree with, you are a minuscule percentage of target shoppers and consumer shoppers on a bigger scale. I do not think they will really miss your business all too much

    2. People seem to be so concerned about their child being harassed, harmed, or raped in the bathroom. My question is why are you not going into the bathroom with your child in the first place? Especially in a public establishment. My parents didn’t allow it, and I would be damned if my child walked into a bathroom by themselves before they are the age of 13.So instead of everyone freaking out regarding other people coming into bathrooms, maybe they should step up and ask themselves the question of why they are allowing their child to go into a public restroom alone in the first place. But hey always easier to point a finger at someone else, right?

    3. There is a difference btwn identifying as transgender, and “identifying” as the opposite sex due to the simple fact that you are a creeper. You cannot just claim to be a female or male and get away with perverted things, I highly doubt the laws will make it that easy. And just because a trans person can now use the gender restroom that they identify with, doesn’t mean companies like Target will start tearing down the walls of the stalls and it becomes a free-for-all.

    I think people are failing to realize trans people are not personally responsible for the statistics of rape and sexual abuse, therefore why make them suffer. Any who I personally love what Target and other coorperations like them are doing. Rant over.

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    • Cate Purvis says:

      So, the solution is to wait until someone is harmed, then make them prove their “identity?” I’d rather prevent than punish.


    • Cathy says:

      Let’s see what happens to Targets stock and see how minuscule it is…. Get the facts about women and rape victims, assaults on women and children. See the big picture and get educated!


  4. Terri Arrington says:

    This stupid Bathroom bill isn’t a rights issue at all. This is an acceptance issue. They are after our kids!!Being able to choose your gender is either saying God doesnt exist or He made a mistake. Both are lies from the pit of Hell. My God does exist and He never makes mistakes!!So now parents, we will to have our kids use family bathrooms and stand outside and wait for them. We need to push that every place that allows transgenders to use the bathroom have a single stall family one. My son is 11 he doesn’ t want me in the bathroom at his age let alone another female thinking she’s a male. Where are our children s rights?? He would be totally embarrassed if I made him go in the women’s with me. Where are his rights? I hate it that the world gets turned upside down for a few that want acceptance when it’s sin they want us to accept.

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  5. waynewhite46 says:

    I do not believe this new law was perpetrated by trans genders. A true trans gender will have taken steps to biologically change their appearance through surgery and the use of hormones. Their true gender would not be easily recognized. They have always used restrooms based on their biological appearance and no one was the wiser.

    I believe this law and it’s publicity has been perpetrated by perverts who wish to gain access to restrooms based on their false profession of trans genderism for the purpose of voyeurism, seeking thrills and perhaps to target their unwilling victims. People in our judicial system are so overly sensitive to claims of discrimination that they are unhesitating in their attempts to be politically correct and they are destroying morality!

    The courts may defend the rights of perverts to discreetly alter the morals of this nation, but ultimately God is still in charge and one day they will face the True Judge!

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    • Reg nurse says:

      Wayne white. I am an ER nurse and I can tell you, true trans may or may not make an effort to change their appearance. Plenty of regular guys come in and tell me to call them Yvette, or whatever regardless of what their appearance, chart and ID band says. And I just can’t remember. I’ve told them they should at least wear a woman’s blouse or some lipstick. Give me a clue. My employer has formally instructed us we can be harshly disciplined for not honoring their requests. All my life as a nurse, we have been told, correctly so, to follow best practices as shown by scientific studies. Now, we assign men to the Women’s Clinic for their family Dr. It’s a lot of pseudoscience now.


  6. Nina says:

    This is about safety. If we can’t keep people alive and well we can’t share the Gospel with them. Trans women are some of our most vulnerable. No trans girl should be forced into a bathroom with boys and men. Trans women are at higher risk than other women for sexual assault (facing more than a 50% lifetime risk, according to the DOJ). Imagine your child was dealing with identity issues — isn’t that enough? You shouldn’t have to worry about them facing harassment, bullying, assault or suicide (which is at epidemic proportions in youth with identity issues) because they look like a woman but are in the men’s room.

    Where men have dressed up to prey on women it’s happened without pro-trans laws. HB2 actually make it easier for men to enter the women’s room without “dressing up”. I only know one trans male (female –> male), with a beard and all. I would feel weird if my young niece got used to seeing men like that in the restroom.

    Vigilance is healthy, but unwarranted fear is not healthy. Perhaps God is calling us to face our fears and stretch — to engage those who we intellectually know are safe, but who make us uncomfortable. Showing them compassion and making sure they are safe — that would be a great example for our kids.


  7. Clare Flourish says:

    I thank God for leading me to freedom and truth in Christ, and part of that has been my transsexual transition.

    I don’t have problems in bathrooms in the UK, where, thank God, most people are tolerant enough. I just want to pee. Anyone wanting to commit a sexual assault, whatever that person was wearing, would be ill-advised to go into a public restroom, which tend to be in public places with lots of people about. Making it impossible for me to urinate does not increase the safety of women at all.

    With love in Christ.


    • Nina says:

      I saw your comment and just wanted to say thanks for your point of view. I know not all trans folks are called to speak out, but by introducing yourself you may dispel fear and raise awareness of trans safety issues. May God continue working through you to deepen dialogue!

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  8. DJ says:

    What bothers me most is that Obama, the ACLU, and many school officials are placing the desire of children identifying as transgender over the rights of everyone else. Such action, in my view, harms those who are not transgendered and leaves the schools at risk of lawsuits for those made uncomfortable by this policy. We nhave laws against peeping and indecent exposure. We also have laws barring hostile environments and sexual harassment . I hope everyone made uncomfortable by the new policy files suit and wins.


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