Finding Joy In The Presence of God

    Over the past few days, things have been crazy on our end. A blog post that I never expected to go “viral” did and in three days had 1.8 million views. Due to it being a heated topic, the ugliness rolled in along with it- death threats, name calling, hatred, people who do not know me assassinating my character. And so much more support, kindness, and encouragement from followers of God. 

     The first day completely overwhelmed me. Not only was I anxious because of the influx of messages, emails, comments, and views, but I was on a 12-hour drive to my brother’s military graduation, having left behind with a family member our daughters- one of whom ended up having a stomach virus all weekend. Overwhelmed. 

It’s funny how in the midst of trials God will speak to us and gives comfort. So, I put my phone down and stopped checking notifications for a bit. I turned on some worship music and BAM. 

Overwhelmed by the world turned into overwhelmed by God’s mercy. Anxious about leaving behind a sick baby turned into thankful for His stripes that give her healing. Afraid that so many people were seeing me turned into happy that through seeing me and some of my posts, people might see HIM. 

He is never too far. YOU are never too far. He is only a thought, a silent prayer, a moment of worship away because He promised to NEVER leave or forsake us. 

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, who you’ve been, in His presence there is redemption. In His blood, there is salvation. There is healing. And He will comfort you, just as He has me, when you ask Him to and rely on Him for it. 
Love to my loves,


10 thoughts on “Finding Joy In The Presence of God

  1. Tricia says:

    I, too, now follow you because of your Target post. Blessings to you and I hope you will continue to write posts from your heart. Thank you for your honesty and boldness!


  2. Spring says:

    I have to say I don’t envy you… but the very thing you wrote about was the one that I was concerned about to begin with. My friend and I argued about it a little. I know in other countries many bathrooms are multi gender. My husband found himself in a bathroom with a woman washing her hands and she simply told him it was for “both” . It is so difficult when the majority of society gets influenced by a minority issue or is only able to see it one way. Thank you for the stand you took

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    • Nina says:

      If other countries have unisex bathrooms without problems it raises a question: Does our concern stem from a real safety threat, or are we putting disagreements about lifestyle ahead of safety? After all, the people MOST at risk for sexual assault are trans women (especially when they are forced to use male facilities). They are marginalized, vulnerable people who Jesus would protect.

      Christian women can differ on this issue. After all, the Bible talks about gender and about protecting the vulnerable, but it doesn’t talk about bathrooms (as far as I’m aware). Personally, I’ve yet to see any compelling evidence suggesting that predators would become more active because of these new laws, but lots of evidence about the risk of assault trans woman face.

      I started reading this blog because of the post-partum depression post — a courageous and helpful piece of sharing. On this topic, may we have the courage to dig deeper into this complicated issue, look at the theology of fear, and examine how the Gospel message should guide us. I would love to see a post delve into those issues. Keep up the good writing Cate!

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  3. Carrie-Anne says:

    I also found your blog through someone posting a link to it on Target’s page. It’s so crazy how normal, rational dialogue about trans-related issues is now all but verboten, thanks to a bunch of SJW zealots. I recently ran a 12-part series on my blog, examining and critiquing a lot of troubling current issues (putting younger and younger kids on sterilizing drugs simply for not adhering to simplistic stereotypes, teens announcing they’re trans after a social media binge, men invading women’s safe spaces, autogynephiles, peak trans moments, erasing biological reality, etc.). I was very relieved I didn’t get a single hateful comment as I’d feared.

    Did any of the people attacking you call you a “TERF” by any chance? It’s ridiculous how that made-up insult is thrown around on people who don’t have anything to do with politics or trans issues. I’ve heard women reporting their elderly mothers were called “TERFs” for simply asking honest questions, like why someone with male organs is supposed to be referred to as a woman.


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