What’s Wrong With the “Dumb Dad” Stereotype?

I came across a post on one of my new favorite blogs today regarding the way dads are treated/portrayed in modern society. Media tells us they’re incapable of anything more than making money and sitting on the couch passing gas. It is something that has ALWAYS irritated me.

Maybe it’s because my husband is incredibly capable of cooking, better at cleaning than I am, and VERY involved both with our girls (who have him wrapped) AND our marriage. In any case, check out Painting Arrows and the AWESOME post they’ve done addressing this very topic:

Mom Talk- In Defense Of Dads

Then, if you’re feeling groggy, leave them a comment letting them know you agree!

Its high time to encourage the men in our lives to be what God has called them to be and RECOGNIZE when they’re trying.


Love to my loves,


2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With the “Dumb Dad” Stereotype?

  1. bioliphant says:

    Thanks for the mention! Ah! I so agree! It’s time to acknowledge and affirm these amazing men God blessed us with! They’re rockstars! ❤


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