What Happens When OUR Faith Meets HIS Power?

     Hey, Y’all! Long time, no talk, right? Well, we have been incredibly busy the last month, and I had to temporarily step back from a couple things to be able to give my all to a couple others. 

      Turns out, I got overwhelmed anyway. Anxiety got the best of me.  And one day a few weeks ago, the minute my husband walked in the door and (bless his poor soul) said something, I stormed out of the house. I had been home all day with the girls, who had both been in some sort of moods. Abbie had been in my bed at 5:30, so my morning prayer/Bible time was shot.   I hadn’t been able to work at all that day. I hadn’t been grocery shopping, so dinner wasn’t happening right, either. And that day, I lost it. In response to his, “Where are you going?” question, I responded with an, “I don’t know. Anywhere but here.” And here is the thing about my husband: he lets me go. No guilt, no argument. He is INCREDIBLE. 

     I needed to pick up a prescription from Walgreens, so I headed there. On the way there, (which isn’t very long in a car because I could walk there in five minutes!) God was speaking to my heart. I was going over the various reasons certain things in my life weren’t going as planned or weren’t up to my standards or I was unhappy with. And what He asked me was this: “Are you going to pitch a fit about it or are you going to believe I can and will raise you up?” 

Sometimes the Lord gives me a verbal smack in the face. Like a southern mama, He sets me right. I love it. 

    Then, He laid something on my heart: a plan. I headed to Kroger for supplies. Armed with a foam board, tape, colorful pens and markers, and a heart full of new revelation, I headed home. I helped Studmuffin put the kids to bed, apologized that my crazy slipped out, and headed for the bathroom. Some candles, essential oils, and a bath made for serious relaxation while I listened to one of Keith Moore’s sermons on faith. 

   Afterward, I sat in my office and made a vision board. Habakkuk 2:2-3 says, 

This is what God put on my heart that evening: “Write out your vision. Pray over it. Believe it. Where your faith and vision meets MY power, there is a change that will affect the nations.”

So, I did. 

It’s not beautiful. It’s not even full. It has things that have been on my heart, things I know I’ve been called to and things I just want to do. So far, it has affirmations regarding financial stability and business (the more I have, the more I can GIVE!) , to be raised to the higher calling of worship and speaking to women about God’s love (they NEED to hear it!) , to finish my Bachelor’s degree (in Pastoral Ministry), our dream home (because it’s amazing!), and a list of debts we want to pay off (‘Nuff Said!)  More will be added soon. 

   The week after I made this vision board and prayed over it, I was asked to fill a leadership position in our church for youth worship. I was directed by God to count our change bucket: which ended up being enough to pay off a debt, plus eight dollars. 

You see, this prayer thing, it works. When we hear his voice and listen to it, something happens in us: a relationship is built with Him. 
And when our Faith meets HIS power, things happen for the kingdom of God that will have world-changing repercussions. 

Love to my loves, 


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